The Data


The Project on Religion and Economic Change hosts a variety of data related to Protestant and Catholic missions dating from 1813 to the present for every non-Western society. These data were collected from statistical manuals, atlases, necrologies, and other records from missionary archives, libraries, rare bookstores, and church collections all over the world. Since 2001, research assistants have entered the data into electronic files and plotted the geographical information on digital maps. We are currently digitizing and linking Mexican Census data from 1895 to 2010 to analyze over a century of religion and economic change at the subnational level.

The centralization and computerization of these data make possible a variety of unprecedented analyses for researchers around the world interested in religion, economic development, and church history, among many others. Currently, the Project is making some of these data available for public use in order to encourage research in this field:

We will eventually make data available throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, including geographic data displays of religious activity and territorial changes Catholic Ecclesiastical Circumscriptions, Protestant Mission Stations, Catholic & Protestant Missions Activity, etc. Raw missions data will be made available through customizable, interactive maps and user-defined queries on this web site (some maps can be currently accessed via the menu links)