Articles, Publications, and Technical Reports

These are some examples of the scholarly productions related to our research:


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2014.
    “Looking Beyond the Usual Suspects: Integrating Religious Actors
    into the Study of Democratization and Economic Development.” ( PDF )
    Comparative Democratization Newsletter,
    American Political Science Association 12(1): 2, 16-19.


  •  Robert D. Woodberry. 2013.
    "Pentecostalism and Democracy: Is There a Relationship?" ( PDF )
    pp. 119-137 in The Growth and Global Impact of Pentecostalism.
    Donald E. Miller, Kimon H. Sargeant and Richard Florey (eds.)
    New York: Oxford University Press.



  • Robert D. Woodberry, Juan Carlos Esparza, Reid Porter, and Xiaoyun Lu. (version from July 2010)
    Conceptual Framework and Technical Innovations for Creating the Project on Religion & Economy Change Geo-Spatial Database ( PDF )
    (Our technical reports describe the process of our research including the main challenges we found and the strategies to face them.)


  • Robert D. Woodberry. forthcoming.
    "Exploring the Relationship between Pentecostalism and Democracy" ( PDF )
    Spirit and Power: The Global Pentecostalism.
    Anthea Butler, Donald E. Miller, and Kimon H. Sargeant (eds.)
    Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2008.
    "Pentecostalism and Economic Development"  ( PDF )
    p. 157-177 in Markets, Morals and Religion.
    Jonathan B. Imber (ed.) New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2007.
    "The Social Impact of Missionary Higher Education"  ( PDF )
    pp. 109-120 in Christian Responses to Asian Challenges.
    Philip Yuen Sang Leung and Peter Tze Ming Ng (eds.)
    Hong Kong: Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2007.
    "Economics" ( PDF )
    pp. 123-127 in Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries.
    Jonathan Bonk (ed.) New York: Routledge.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2007.
    "Modernity" ( PDF )
    pp. 265-268 in Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries.
    Jonathan Bonk (ed.) New York: Routledge.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2007.
    "Politics" ( PDF )
    pp. 347-350 in Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries.
    Jonathan Bonk (ed.) New York: Routledge.


  •  Robert D. Woodberry. 2006.
    "Reclaiming the M-Word: The Legacy of Missions in Nonwestern Societies"  ( PDF )
    The Review of Faith and International Affairs. 4(1): 3-12.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2005.
    "Spiritual Capital." ( PDF )
    pp. 12-19 in Spiritual Information.
    Charles L. Harper, Jr. (ed.) Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2004.
    The Shadow of Empire: Christian Missions, Colonial Policy, and Democracy ( PDF )
    Ph.D. dissertation, Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


  • Robert D. Woodberry and Timothy S. Shah. 2004.
    "Christianity and Democracy: The Pioneering Protestants"  ( PDF )
    Journal of Democracy. 15(2): 47-61.
    (Part of a series of articles on the relationship between different religious traditions and democracy. The article discusses the mixed, but generally positive roll Protestantism and missionary activity has played in the development of conditions that foster stable democratization.)


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2001.
     "Sociology of Religion"
    in The Blackwell Companion to Sociology


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 2000.
    "The Measure of American Religion"
    Social Forces.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 1998.
    "When Surveys Lie and People Tell the Truth"
    American Sociological Review.


  • Robert D. Woodberry. 1998.
    "Fundamentalism et al.: Conservative Protestants in America"
    nnual Review of Sociology.